10 Amazing Facts about Chihuahuas

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Chihuahua gained popularity due to their tiny size and amazing personalities. They are universally regarded as a unique breed that is exceptional in its own way, that’s why they are among the top ranked dogs in America.

Following are some very interesting facts about Chihuahua:

Facts about Chihuahua Breed

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Fact #1) Chihuahuas Were Once Called ‘Arizona’ and ‘Texas’ Dogs: As originated from Mexico, Chihuahua was once known to be the Arizona and Texas dog. It is because, in the history, they are frequently seen with the Cowboy men who used to call them as Texas and Arizona dogs. This historical linking has made this dog even more fascinating and desired among people.

Fact #2) Chihuahuas Have One of the Longest Lifespans: Chihuahua has an average life of 15-20 years that is considered as the longest life span among other breeds of dogs. Although, toy breeds tend to have longer lives but another factor that complements Chihuahuas is their health. These dogs have strong immunity and less vulnerability to diseases.

Fact #3) Chihuahuas Have a Clannish Nature: Chihuahuas are more friendly and comfortable with other Chihuahuas rather than with dogs different from their breed. This doesn’t mean that Chihuahuas are unfriendly, they just prefer to be with other Chihuahuas.

Fact #4) The World’s Smallest Living Dog is a Chihuahua: The tiniest dog in the world is a female Chihuahua named Miracle Milly that is owned by Vanesa Semler. The Tiny dog just measured just measured 3.8 inches tall. It’s a miracle size that’s why the dog named as “Miracle”.

Fact #5) Taco Bell Made Chihuahuas Popular: Chihuahuas actually gained popularity when this Dog was used in a commercial of famous restaurant Chain selling Taco Bells. The Dog was apparently unknown to the American but after seeing it on that commercial everyone wanted to have that cute dog.

Fact #6) There are Only Two Recognized Varieties: Although there are common names like ‘Tea Cups’ and ‘Deer head’ used to term the variety of Chihuahuas but the American Kennel club recognizes only two categories that are ‘Long Coat’ and ‘Smooth Coat’.

Fact #7) Chihuahuas Enjoy Burrowing: Chihuahuas love to grope and roll themselves in bed linens, blankets, dirty clothes, and comforters. So, sometimes it really becomes difficult to find them. Whenever you find your Chihuahua dog missing from the scene, first check the laundry and blankets.

Fact #8) Chihuahuas Have One of The Largest Varieties of Coat Colors: Chihuahuas are among the rare dogs having coats in a variety of colors. You can choose your Chihuahua from the dozen of color range available easily. The colors mostly include; deep black, off white, red, fawn, silver gray, golden, Choco brown and much more.

.Fact #9) Chihuahuas Should Be Under 6 Pounds: The standard weight determined for Chihuahuas by AKC club is not more than 6 pounds. Although, some Chihuahua dogs could have more weight but according to the fixed standards it should not be exceeding than 6 pounds.

Fact #10) The First AKC-Registered Chihuahua Was Named ‘Midget’: Born on 18th July 1903, the first Chihuahua registered with American Kennel Club was named ‘midget’ owned by H. Raynor from Texas.

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