Some astounding facts related to Chihuahua breed

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Though, Chihuahua is small in size but quite dominant with respect to personality. There is no comparison of Chihuahua with other dogs. Chihuahua are very enthusiastic, lively, friendly and severely trustworthy.

facts regarding chihuahuas

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Origin of name of Chihuahua: The state of Chihuahua, Mexico which is also known as The Big State and The Great State because it is the largest state of the Mexico that consist of an area of about 95543 square miles. In 1800s, many Americans used to sell Chihuahua by visiting the region.

Arizona and Texas Dogs: Initially, when people don’t know much about Chihuahua, it was named after the names of various regions in which they lived. Most famous names were Arizona, Texas and Chihuahua dog.

Coat varieties: There are only two official varieties of the Chihuahua have been recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) that includes long and short coat. Smooth coat consists of very small hair that is ½ and ¾ inches long. The long coat of Chihuahua has quite long hair about 1 and ½ inches long and the undercoat may or may not present. Despite of change in physical appearance, all the Chihuahua are same with respect to genetics.

Long coat and smooth coat differentiated from 1952: Though, the variety of Chihuahua coat has been found for centuries but the difference was indicated until 1952. The AKC identified two different authorized varieties of Chihuahua’ coat.

The smallest breed of the world: The fully grown Chihuahua is only 2 to 6 pounds by weight and 6 to 10 inches by height that is why it is known as world’s smallest breed. Numerous breeds that include Pugs, Poodles, Shih Tzus, Yorkshire Terriers and Pomeranians are larger in size than Chihuahua. It is the very reason that families living in small houses and apartments prefer Chihuahua because of its small size.

Midget was registered on 1904: The first ever name to the Chihuahua was given to the long coat male as Midget by American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1904 that is registered by the Hamilton Raynor of EI Paso, Texas. It was the first time in history that AKC officially recognized he breed. There were different other Chihuahua which were registered by AKC such as Nellie, Bonito, Tiny Tinkle Twinkle, and Chiquita.

Chihuahua Club: In order to offer educational resource and proper breeding techniques, the Chihuahua Club of America was introduced in 1923 and the primary breed standard was adopted by Chihuahua at the same year.

Clannish by nature: Chihuahua are known as clannish by nature because they love to stay with other Chihuahua than different breeds of dogs.

Smaller breed: To produce Chihuahua of smaller size, the selective breeding was introduced by the AKC in the initial period of breed. According to the AKC standard, the Chihuahua should be weight about two to six pounds. Afterward, the preference to smaller breeds was ignored by AKC.

Chihuahua as soft spot: Chihuahua are commonly known as soft spot because about 80-90% are born with an opening of the skull. Commonly, when the pup gets mature the molera closes and some Chihuahua live with the opened cranial throughout the life.

Descendent of a Mexican Companion Dog: After having mitochondrial DNA examination of Chihuahua, it is concluded that the Chihuahua is a descendent of small sized dog that is known as Techichi and belongs to pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.

Origin of Chihuahua: It is quite difficult to analyze the true origin of the Chihuahua as it has mitochondrial DNA of mother only and father recognition is not possible by this analysis. According to the assumptions of few breed experts, it is possible that Mexican Techichi was crossed with Chinese crested or Maltese to produce the Chihuahua.

Is asthma curable in Chihuahua: In the past, some people believe that Chihuahua has the ability to absorb various respiratory ailments such as asthma and other allergies. According to old folklore, the Chihuahua fully cured the asthma patient by simply sit in front of him. There were numerous people that used to keep Chihuahua around for this reason but there is no evidence that support this story.

Light shedders: All Chihuahua shed except few dogs that are hairless. In the canine kingdom, the Chihuahua is known as the lightest shedder. VetStreet organized a survey of 249 veterinary experts and the Chihuahua was on number 7 in the list of dogs that shed a least amount of hair. Unexpectedly, it was observed by many Chihuahua owners that the Chihuahua with smooth coat sheds more hair as compared to long coat Chihuahua.

Lifesaving Chihuahua: Chihuahua has saved multiple lives by scarring away predators. The Chihuahua named Zoey protected the 1 year old child from a rattlesnake. In another incident, the Chihuahua having the weight of four ponds saved 8 year old children from the larger dog.

Baseball team: The naming contest was organized by the EI Paso Padres, the minor league baseball team to differentiate the brand of San Diego Padres. The team gave new name EI Paso Chihuahua after getting 5000 submissions. Roaring Chihuahua with spiked collar is the new logo of the team.

Amongst two waters: According to historians, the name Chihuahua is older that the Spanish Conquest of Mexico which was started in 1519. The Chihuahua is basically Nahuatl word which means between two waters.

Cinco De Mayo: In U.S, almost all cities celebrate Chihuahua on Cinco De Mayo by different ways that include parades, owner-dog lookalike contest, running of the Chihuahua etc. as the origin of the Chihuahua is Mexican.

Dogs of Arizona’s State: Various regions give different names to the dogs such as North Carolina named the dogs as Plott Hound, Massachusetts gave the name Boston terrier and Pennsylvania named dogs as Great Dane. Whereas, the dogs that exist on the New Mexico state are known as Chihuahua.

Wild Chihuahua: Throughout the southwestern U.S., the packs of wild Chihuahua were in the late 1800 and early 1900. The foremost AKC Chihuahua was registered by the man who spent many years catching the little dogs.

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