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A breed of the smallest dog is named as Chihuahua, found in multiple varieties with respect to length, size, color, etc. Alertness and obedience are two basic traits of the dog. These are quite faithful, adorable, and lasting pals. In the presence of Chihuahua you are not alone as this dog provides an amazing company and also provides protection by barking at strangers. Chihuahuas love to get company and care and may choose some tricks to grab the attention of the owner. It is very easy to care for them as they need a very little exercise and food. Many people find themselves addicted doing an overtime petting and cuddling because they are very cute, cunning and smart.

Chihuahua Breed Dogs and Puppies

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Life span and Health: The average lifespan of Chihuahua is around 14-18 years. Chihuahuas can be effected from various diseases that include pulmonic stenosis, hydrocephalus, keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) and so on.


Height and weight of the dog: These are the smallest breed of the world. Usually, the weight of the Chihuahua is between 2 and 8 pounds. The average height of the dog is around 6-8 inches but some dogs are tall around 12-15 inches.


Appearance: These are chubby and somewhat longer. Their heads are round in shape with dark rounded eyes. Ears are pointed and the tail is sickle-shaped. The coat of the Chihuahua is very soft and glossy.


Color of the dog: Chihuahuas are available in a variety of color combinations. They may find in solid to marked or splashed such as solid white, solid black or any other pattern. Generally, such breeds are brown, red, white, cream, red, black and cream in color.


Temperament: It is very easy to provoke the dog to attack, therefore these are not appropriate for families or children. Chihuahua tends to be severely loyal to the particular person and at times it gets jealous in the presence of other animals.

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  1. Sheila Driskill

    A lot of families with children have chihuahua’s You need to teach a child how to treat an animal,never let them rough house with them. most dogs bite out of fear so make sure that the dog has no reason to fear your children


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