Naming Your Chihuahua Dog

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Giving an elegant and well-matched name to your Chihuahua dog pet is the biggest decision you are going to make after bringing this dog into your home. It is something that is going to stay with the pet throughout its life. So adequate time should be taken to think deeply before giving a name to the Chihuahua. It’s a fact that dogs learn after frequent repetitions so it will require calling Chihuahua by the given name many times a day before it starts to recognize it.

Names for Chihuahuas

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Personality based Names:

Chihuahua is a unique breed of dogs that is exclusive in its nature and appearance. Naming Chihuahuas as per their personality traits are the best and easiest way to name this pet. Doing this way you will also be able to let the world know, the uniqueness of your dog.

One more interesting fact about Chihuahuas is that although, they are the tiniest dog breed but still they will never behave like that. Whenever they face dogs bigger than their size, you will be amazed to see how they try to make them scared of their presence by holding ground firmly and showing teeth while making fiercely sounds.


Big or Small Names:

Chihuahuas are well known for their tiny size but you have the advantage that you can name them with both small and big names due to the fact their personality traits are vast that big names also well suited them.


Boy or Girl Names:

Many Chihuahua pet owners usually ignore the gender of their dog while naming. Name must be according to the gender of the dog. For example, never name a male dog as Lilly and female dog as bravo.


Names Based on Color Coat:

Chihuahuas coat is the prominent and most unique feature of this dog. Naming this dog in accordance with the appearance of the coat is also a good option. If your Chihuahua is deep black colored then ‘darky’ could be a good name and if it is white then ‘snowier’ would be best.


Stick with a single name for your Chihuahua:

Mostly, pet owners are habitual of calling their dogs with more than one names. This is the biggest mistake they do because the dog will be confused and unable to recognize itself with a single name. it is always recommended to choose a single best-suited name for your Chihuahua dog.

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