Chihuahua’s average life expectancy

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There are multiple factors that influence the life duration of the Chihuahua. Some factors are well-regulated while some factors are not controllable. If you want to enhance the lifespan of your Chihuahua then it is important to consider those factors that can be regulated easily. The average life span of the Chihuahua is around 15-20 years.

Chihuhua's average Life Expectancy

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Following factors that affect the life duration of the Chihuahua


Overweight Chihuahua are mostly at risk to have lower lifespan because obese dogs are susceptible to various health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.

Analyze genetics of your dog

Genes play a vital role in increasing the lifespan of the Chihuahua, so it is necessary to study the whole genetic history of the dog before adopting it. If the parents are active and healthy then your puppy will have a longer lifespan.

Vaccinate your puppy

Vaccination is very important to make your Chihuahua healthy from various life-threatening disease such distemper, rabies, parvovirus, canine influenza, etc.

Gender effect on lifespan

Technically, the life duration of the female Chihuahua is longer as compared to the male Chihuahua. Female Chihuahua has the capability to live 1 or 2 additional years than male dogs.

Spayed Chihuahua

The spayed Chihuahua have more tendency to live long as compared to the Chihuahua that is not spayed. It eliminates the prostrate and testicular cancer risks.

Dental care

Chihuahua is at risk of many dental issues such as gum disease, tooth loss, tooth decay, etc. Chihuahua that is suffering from oral disease lessen its life duration so it is necessary to take oral care of your puppy to make it healthy and happy.


Chihuahua that is active tends to live long as compared to those that are sluggish. Owners should enhance the dog’s activities to make immune system strong, fat burn, to build muscles that keep your puppy healthy.

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