Fact about Chihuahua Breeding

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It is very important to the owners to get a complete information of breeding if they are planning to get a puppy for breeding purpose. Normally, Chihuahua that is not less than 2kg is considered the best weight for breeding. If the weight of the puppy is less than 2kg then it may be problematic for the Chihuahua in giving birth. At times, it is possible that the pelvic region of the Chihuahua is quite thin which is quite difficult in giving birth even if it is 2kg in weight so, it is
better to consult the expert.

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What is an appropriate age for the Chihuahua Breeding? The first heat of your puppy is not the right time of breeding but the second heat is an appropriate time. Make it sure that your puppy is healthy enough and mature as well to give birth. In order to avoid any problem with breeding, the third heat is the most appropriate time for breeding.

What is the right way to choose the dog for breeding purpose? If you are looking for the one in your close locality then it is the right option to ask the veterinarian to provide the better option if available. Another possibility is the internet source that provides you a number of options so you can select the most appropriate one for breeding purpose. Major things that are essential to consider during the dog selection for breeding include: the male dog should not more in weight as compared to the female dog. Moreover, the head, ears, tail, and body composition of the Chihuahua male should be up to the standard. You do not have to believe the stories such as the dog are very fertile or it father numerous puppies, etc. Because the fertility depends on the female and it also depends on the fertile eggs of the female. Owners who have female dog with papers, they will prefer to have a male dog with papers as well. In case, the female dog are without papers are still able to breed with the male with papers.

After the selection of the dog, the most important thing is to choose the right time for mating. You can find an appropriate time by finding out that when the female dog stands for mating by thrusting her tail aside. In other case, if the female dog is not ready to mate then it will growl at the male dog and never allow him to get close to her. In such situation, it is better to wait for a day or two for breeding. There are different days of breeding in Chihuahua. Some of them breeds’ 12 th and 14 th day while other breeds 15 th or 17 th day.

First attempt is always successful or not? Most of the time, the first try is fruitful but if it doesn’t effective then the second try can be made to make it effective. The time of mating may vary from dog to dog so you do not have to be shocked about it as it takes 15 minutes to an hour. The enlarged penis is decisively engrossed by the female dog and it looks as they stands beside each other. It is possible that they start walking during coupling for a while. It is important to the owners not to force them away from each other for a limited amount of time because there are chances to hurt them, especially the female Chihuahua may get injured by doing so. Many owners pour water on the dogs to set them apart that is quite unpleasant act.

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