Facts about Chihuahua Puppies

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Chihuahua are quite small in size naturally. If you weight Chihuahua pups, these are not more than few ounces. Generally, the process of birthing is quite complex for a female Chihuahua because of its smaller size. C-section is very common for the Chihuahua mum because of complications in giving birth. So it is important for the owner of the female Chihuahua to remain prepare about the expenses of the surgery.

Facts about Chihuahua breed Puppies

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/toronjazul/2245221391/

Another important aspect about the Chihuahua is that it is quite weak by nature. Though every breed of the dog need special attention but Chihuahua puppies need extra care and time because of fragile nature. It is essential to remove all the heavy objects from the house specially make the residence of the Chihuahua safe and protected in order to avoid any harm to the puppy. Toddlers are also not suggested around the Chihuahua as it is growing up and it may harm itself and show aggressiveness or insecure behavior.

One of the major reason that people prefer to have Chihuahua pups is that they remain small
throughout its life so it looks cute and adorable at all times.

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