History of the Chihuahua Breed

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Chihuahua is categorized as a modern day dog that has an ambiguous history. Various questions are still unclear about Chihuahua including its origin, descendants, specific purpose of breed and many more. Historians in order to understand these questions has delineated several theories as below:

History of Chihuahua Breed

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The State of Chihuahua: The State of Chihuahua, Mexico is considered as the origin of Chihuahua. The state has been known to have the earliest specimen of Chihuahua in mid-1980. Chihuahua has been named by the region where its presence was speculated. The dog has been named as Arizona dog, Texas dog, Mexican dog, and the Chihuahua dog.


The Techichi Theory: According to the most credible and well recognized theory, Chihuahua has been originated from a small statured companion dog called Techichi, a small-framed companion dog that was domesticated by several pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations and Native North American tribes.


Maya and Toltec Civilizations: According to Maya civilization, dogs were considered as the saviors and guardians of the spirit world and was also used as food. People of that time used to sacrifice dogs as an exultant greeting of Gods. It was observed by researchers that dogs mostly sacrificed by them included the Techichi and Xolo. The Maya civilization ended in 800 AD and a new civilization roused that was the Toltec (900 AD) who were also known to sacrifice the same dogs for the same purpose.


The Aztec and European Explorers: After the Toltec, the Aztec came into power. They followed every practice of the Toltec and viewed it as an exemplary civilization with ideal traditions and customs. The Aztec were distinguished from Toltec only in a way that they emphasized more on color in their cultural norms. They declared yellow color as the symbol of death therefore they used to sacrifice yellow colored Techichis with a more dense belief than the Toltec.


The European Descent Theory: Europe is also identified as the origin of Chihuahua especially the country Malta. A small sized dog named Maltese Pocket dog was very renowned in the region that has very similar characteristics with the Chihuahua. A unique feature that Chihuahua possess is that their opening in skull remain open throughout their life unlike other dogs whose opening get closed as they grow.


Chihuahuas Today: Chihuahua today are famous due to the efforts of Chihuahua club of America that was formulated in 1923 for the promotion of this breed. They categorized Chihuahua into two type that were the smooth and long coats. With the consistent educational and grooming sessions conducted by the club for the development of this breed, Chihuahua became famous and desirable dogs all over the world.


The dog was also used in a famous marketing campaign by Carlos Alazraqui for a fast food restaurant chain. This campaign gave a push to the popularity of this Dog. Resultantly the Chihuahua now ranks as one of the most popular dog breeds particularly in the United States of America, United Kingdom and Mexico.

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