How to protect your Chihuahua from the toxic plants

Most of the owners are well aware of the certain chemicals which are harmful to the dog, for instance, medicine, bleach, cleaning agents, etc. But they have no idea about the ornamental plants which might be harmful to the dog. Chihuahua shows different symptoms after having the toxic plant which includes lethargy, anemia, nausea, and in severe cases it also experiences strokes. If you want to decorate your garden with various ornamental plants then make it sure that the plant you are using is not dangerous for your puppy. Some plant names are given below and you can also take help of the veterinarian about the plants that are toxic for the Chihuahua.

how to protect chiuahua from toxic plants

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The plants which are harmful to your little Chihuahua include Daffodil, Lily, Oleander, Tomato plant, Cactus, Hemlock, Narcissus, Potato leaves, Ivy, Corn plant, Lace Fern and so on.

Tactic to cure your Chihuahua after having harmful plant: If your puppy has eaten the harmful plant then immediately take your dog to the hospital or call the emergency to give treatment on time. You can also talk to the veterinarian and treat your dog according to the given instructions. Provide necessary detail of your dog such as the size of the Chihuahua, type of plant that is eaten, time of the incident, etc. Such factors are very important to cure the dog in a proper manner. Sometimes, veterinarian suggests inducing vomiting in your dog. To induce vomiting, hydrogen peroxide is recommended so always keep the bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your cabinet. In the case of any emergency, you can use it to treat the Chihuahua. If you feel that the condition of your dog is severe and it is difficult to handle it at home then visit the veterinarian for specialized treatment.

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