How to select the best Chihuahua Puppy for you

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People who are fond of Chihuahua and want to buy a Chihuahua puppy, they must know the right way to select the puppy. Initially, find the reputable names of the breeders with the help of classified ads or referrals. You can also select a random person through online services but it is important to look for reviews before taking the final decision.

Selecting the best chihuahua puppy

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Ask about current fitness of the puppy: Ask numerous questions about the dog’s health before any deal with the breeders. Firstly, ask about the parents as well as grandparents of the dog. Especially ask about the genetic diseases in the family. Make it clear that there is no issue with the luxation of the knees that is commonly known as Patella Luxation. It is important to know about the medical history of the family that include collapsed trachea, epilepsy or seizures, etc.

Talk about medical history: It is essential to get a detailed information about the puppy that is previously sold and about its current mental and physical state. Like other breeds, Chihuahua is not safe from genetic disease. If you want to get a vigorous dog then you should ask all the possible disease relevant questions in order to get an idea about the factual condition of the puppy. In case, the puppy is suffering from any disease then decide a course of action accordingly.

Have an appointment: After finding a reliable breeder, it is the best option to have an appointment to examine the puppy properly. One of the vital thing is to examine the sanitation of the dog because the messy dog is an indication of the bad breeder. No doubt, all the puppies will look quite attractive but you need to examine the eyes, ears and rare end with respect to hygiene. The soft and vigorous looking coat of the dog is also a sign of its cleanliness which is deprived of tics and fleas. It is also important to note that the dog should walk well without any trouble. Cough and runny nose are the clean sign of the dog’s poor health so avoid such puppies. At last, check the wait of the puppy which should be healthy weight and it should be only having puppy food.

Get a health warranty: If you find any health related issue, it is quite essential to discuss the health status of the dog in detail with the breeder and talk about the guarantee of the puppy. Another benefit of the appointment is that you will be able to get an idea about the temperament of the dog. Moreover, you will be able to confirm the actual color and fur of the puppy so, there will be no doubts and risks.

Only go for the registered pups: In order to avoid any difficulty on the future, it is essential to select only AKC registered puppy. It is indispensable to have papers of the dog so you will have a proof that the dog has been obtained through a proper channel. If you do not want to get trapped in any kind of crime then never pay for the unregistered puppy and never take a dog home.

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