What are the major threats to lovely Chihuahuas?

Many owners of the Chihuahua are not well aware about the various types of threats to the puppy which are very alarming as compared to the larger dogs. Because of the small size of the Chihuahua, it faces multiple issues that are not normally faced by the other dog breeds.

major threats probable for chihuahuas

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Threat from large birds and animals: If the Chihuahua is in outdoor then there are always chance that it become a prey of a large bird that includes raven, owl, or hawk. Moreover, wild animal may also carry off, i.e. bobcat or coyote. Chihuahua is not even safe from the larger dogs as they can attack to the puppy. If you take away your puppy outside the house then take special care of it and never leave it alone. You can also use the harness to pull the Chihuahua if it is going towards any harmful animal. Because of the attack of larger dogs and other animals, the accidental rate of the Chihuahua is quite high.

Cars can cause serious injury to the puppy: Another major threat is the cars for Chihuahua. Even if your puppy is playing in the fence then there is possibility that it may find a place between the gate and the post to squeeze through. There are numerous accidents of the Chihuahua have been taken place with the car because it is not able to realize that the car can harm it so whenever it comes in front of the car it just wondering about this large object and unable to safe itself. No matter how much distance or size of the car, it never feels fear about it.

Winter is not a pleasant season for the Chihuahua: Winter is a serious threat for the Chihuahua because of too delicate feet, the little cold, wet or frozen ground makes the feet frostbitten. In order to avoid any problem, owners should always cover their puppies with sweater or coat when they bring the puppy outside. It is also important to note that it is not possible for the Chihuahua to bear a cold weather for a long time period even in the coat. Most of the Chihuahua don’t like cold weather or rainy season so it is better to keep it in.

Don’t take easy the summer season for your puppy: Summer has its own side effects. Though Chihuahua love to spend a considerable amount of time in the summer but it is not able to understand that how much time is enough for its health. If it spend many hours in the sunlight then it may get effected with the heat stroke because of overheat. Owner should take special care about it and allow the Chihuahua to spend a limited time outside in summers.

Keep an eye on the Chihuahua even indoor: Nevertheless indoor is the safest place for the Chihuahua but there is also some risk because of the little size of the puppy. Chihuahua likes to jump from the height. If it jumps from the considerable height such as any from any furniture then there are chances of serious injuries. Bruises, internal injuries and fractures are possible because of such jumps. So it’s essential to keep the puppy away from heights to avoid such injuries.

Keep the dog away from eating harmful things: Many harmful eating habits are also a serious threat to the Chihuahua. Some puppies tend to eat the houseplant that is poisonous by nature and it may cause serious damage. As the mouth of Chihuahua is quite small and it have very small breathing pipes that may be easily damaged from any harmful intake.

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