Microchipping the Chihuahua- (Useful or Not)

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In recent years, canine microchipping has become very famous and about 10 million dogs getting the implant. It is one of the major issues that how to protect the dog. Microchipping is very useful to keep your dog secure as no one wants to consider that their Chihuahua is getting picked up. Here is the brief description about the microchipping.

Microchipping Chihuahua Breed

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/marionenkevin/3455177001

 Canine microchipping:

The canine microchipping is a very easy method in which a small-sized microchip is placed underneath the skin of the Chihuahua. Many conventional chips are not able to track the dog via GPS or any other service. Such microchips only contain information related to the dog’s health, name, breed, and the phone number and address of the owner. If you want to protect your Chihuahua then it is necessary to register your dog and provide correct information, so in the case of any emergency, you will be able to track the dog in an efficient manner.

Benefits of Microchipping the Chihuahua:

  • Once the microchip is placed underneath the skin of the dog then there is no need to replace or repair it.
  • It doesn’t harm the dog
  • It is not an expensive method
  • In case if the dog is lost then any animal control officer or shelters can easily contact the owner.
  • The microchip contains vaccination record and medical history of the Chihuahua

Disadvantages of microchipping the Chihuahua:

  • There are some shelters which have no scanning device that is important to read the microchip.
  • Owners who forget to register the necessary information about their dog in the database will not be able to trace the dog
  • In very rare cases, the microchip moves underneath the skin of the dog that makes it very tricky to locate the dog by shelters.

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