Right Way To Raise Your Chihuahua

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It is a very thrilling and unforgettable time to nurture the Chihuahua but it is not an easy task to raise the little Chihuahua. They need safe and vigorous environment along with all the things which are necessary for the nourishment of the puppy. Chihuahua needs intense care and a little negligence might cause a serious health issue for your puppy.

Right Way to Raise Your Chihuahua

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Take the little Chihuahua home: Never offer food to your puppy that is not recommended by the veterinarian. Before bringing the Chihuahua home, you need to do some preparation. Arrange plenty of quality food for your Chihuahua. Select the food with specific formula that is suggested by the expert veterinarian. If you want to get new little puppies then must ask the breeder about the food and try to provide the recommended food to your dogs. There are multiple risk factors to take the puppy away from its mother too early. It may not only physically pressurize the puppy but also cause emotional stress. Many people are confused about the appropriate time to take the puppy away from its mother but unfortunately, there is no universal answer because different puppies are different with respect to physical and emotional characteristics.

Brief guideline before bringing the Chihuahua home

  • At first, take two bags of dog’s food along with two bowls so one bowl will be used for food while other will be used for water.
  • Develop the area for your dog which is not only secure but also limited so the Chihuahua can play, rest and roam in a convenient manner.
  • The blanket and a soft bed are essential for the puppy to provide the safe and sound environment.
  • As the little Chihuahua needs something to play so provide some chew toys to your puppy.


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