What is an appropriate way to drive with Chihuahua in the car

Chihuahua with an average weight of 3-6 pound is a suitable size to take for the car drive. There are multiple benefits to taking your puppy for the long drive. It creates a remarkable bonding between the owner and Chihuahua. It is very helpful to expose the dog to other people and animals. There is the chance of injuries to your dog riding in the car. Here are some valuable tips to ensure safe and healthy drive.

how to drive safely with Chihuahua

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Familiarize your dog to car ride

It is important to introduce the Chihuahua to the car ride. For this purpose, you can talk to your puppy in an uplifting tone such as let’s go for a drive, etc. and shake the car keys. It is not appropriate to physically force the dog into the car because it will only increase the anxiety of the dog. Once the dog enters the car, just turn off the stereo and reassure your Chihuahua that everything is going to be fine. In the initial trips, the dog may show some anxiety but with the passage of time, it will start showing love the car riding.

The crate is suitable for Chihuahua or not?

Many owners are confused about using the crate for their dog. There are many pros and cons of the crate. It is very useful to protect the dog as it is consist of canine seat belts but it is beneficial for the large dogs only. If you force your little Chihuahua to remain in the crate then it may cause more harm. It also depends on the comfort level of your dog.

List of important items that are necessary for your Chihuahua during the car drive

  • Blanket and bed
  • Leash and collar
  • Sealed bag with food
  • Contact number of veterinarian
  • Bottled water along with a bowl

3 thoughts on “What is an appropriate way to drive with Chihuahua in the car

  1. Llynda

    No mention of appropriate seat belt, or car seat. Both readily available and one or the other is necessary. This article was all about safety!

  2. Charlotte Hicks

    It’s important to use dog carrier in BACK seat because if air bags are imploded it could kill them. I always put a favorite blanket and toy in the dog carrier, too.


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