Right quantity of food for feeding Chihuahua puppy

There are many misconceptions regarding the Chihuahua Puppy. Many people think that over eating may cause obesity in the Chihuahua so they avoid giving enough food to the puppy. But it is just a rumor flowing around the new owners of the puppy. So, it’s a request that don’t make your Chihuahua hungry and give it enough food to it.
Feeding proper amount of food to chihuahua

Image Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/marioemiliano/26959800554/

The size of the puppy is entirely depends on the genetics so the little amount of food wouldn’t make it smarter but poor in health. At times, some breeders suggest the owners to give a limited amount of food to the puppy, it’s nothing but a wrong advice so never go for it.

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