Proper method for teaching your Chihuahua to Stay neat and clean

After getting a new chihuahua puppy, it is an appropriate way to take a leave for a week from your work and give proper time to your puppy. In this way you will be able to teach the puppy about cleanliness in a speedier manner then if you give a little amount of time from your busy schedule. If you are unable to give proper time to your Chihuahua then it is suggested to stay with it an entire weekend and give it a proper time and attention.
Training Chihuahua to stay neat and clean

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After every meal, take your puppy outside for a walk, play with it and also teach it to use the bathroom through the walk. If it respond in a right manner then appreciate its effort and give a reward. It is also important to watch the activities of your puppy carefully. If it is looking somewhat nervous and looking for a place then take it outside without wasting a single minute. In case if it pee at home without giving any indication then express your anger in words and take it out. Always try to encourage your Chihuahua if it follow your instructions in a well manner.

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