Proper methods to flee free the Chihuahua

Bathing Chihuahua to Flea Free it

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There are many anti-parasite shampoo available in the market that are very helpful to make your puppy free of fleas. It is observed that the eggs and fleas are not produced in the dog but they exist on the floor, carpet, and in the dog’s bed. The fleas attack the dog only for the drinking purpose. To avoid fleas, it is recommended to clean the floor on daily basis and wash the dog’s belongings to keep it clean and safe. If you find numerous flea then it is better to spray on each and every thing your dog come in contact with that include corners of the room, carpets, etc. It is better to open the windows of your home during spraying so it will take a short time period to dry out the products. There is need to have a treatment of your puppy once in a month.

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