Appropriate way to Groom a Short-haired Chihuahua Dog


The short-haired dog require brushing and nail trimming on a regular basis for the better look. There are various types of the Chihuahua breed but the short haired Chihuahua are the best type of dogs as it is quite convenient to maintain such type of dogs. It require few things that include styptic powder, rubber curry brush, conditioner, small-sized nail trimmers, and ear cleanser. The most important and complicated thing to learn about this breed is dealing with dog in a friendly manner. The owner must learn to deal with the Chihuahua in such a manner that it won’t get nervous and stressed. If your puppy is already comfortable and let you to brush, bath and even file the nails without any hesitation then you are already well experienced in dealing with the dog.

Shorthaired Chihuahua Grooming

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Pick the best brush for your Chihuahua: There are variety of rubber curry brushes are available in the market with respect to size and style which stick the shed hair away because of massaging the puppy towards the hair growth direction. Some Chihuahua develop pockets that are commonly known as packing which can be eliminated with the help of a wire slicker but a gentle slicker is quite effective for this purpose. The major reason to use the gentle slicker is because of sensitive skin of the Chihuahua. If the owner work on the same spot for a long time period then the skin get scraped very easily.

Get rid of the Chihuahua’s odor: The Dog’s odor is the most irritating thing and there are some effective ways to get rid of such odor. To make your Chihuahua free of odor, it is important to take care of the dog’s diet. The nutritious premium dog food that contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well as antioxidants is the best option for your dog. Because this type of food is very useful to enhance the coat and skin beauty. There are multiple manufacturers that provide dog’s food along with the kibble to make it convenient for the dog to eat the food. Select the food that is free of corn, soy or wheat, deprived of artificial colors a well as chemical preservatives and contain healthy ingredients and known protein sources. Most of the Chihuahua like to eat a selective food so it is essential to provide the food that Chihuahua enjoy the most. Don’t spoil the appetite of the dog as it might badly effect the health of the Chihuahua. Many owners offer the human food to the Chihuahua that can’t fulfill the nutrition requirement of the Chihuahua and result in the feebleness.

Use spray to eliminate the Chihuahua’s odor: Another effective option to eliminate the dog’s odor by using Shampoo and grooming spray that act as a long-lasting scent for your Chihuahua. In some salons, tropical fruit scents are used that are generated with the help of natural fruit oils which make your puppy smelling amazingly clean. Such scents are available in various types that include Vanilla, Guava, Strawberry, Black Raspberry, Pear, Grapefruit, Coconut, and Watermelon. Such scents are very useful to keep you puppy nice to be around. Another important aspect for your dog is that it is necessary to take special care while giving bath to your dog because shampoo might cause irritation in the eyes so it is important to avoid washing the face of your dog with shampoo instead sponge it with the help of damp towel or cloth. In this way your dog will remain safe from any kind of irritation.

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