How to deal with Shedding in Chihuahua Breed

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Assuming that a Chihuahua does not shed like other dogs is totally a misconception. Almost all dog breeds shed to a certain extent. The only exceptions are hairless dogs, such as Chinese Crested. Here are some tips for you to minimize shedding of your Chihuahua.

Shedding in Chihuahua Breed

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Basics You Need To Know About Shedding Chihuahuas:

You have to accept that to shed is a natural characteristic of Chihuahua dogs. Both the long-coat and smooth-coat Chihuahua shed fur. However, the long-coat Chihuahua shed lesser than the smooth-coat one.

Like all dogs, Chihuahua tends to shed lesser in winter as they need more fur for protection against cold weather. Once winter season is gone they start shedding and continue throughout summer and spring seasons.


Tips To Reduce a Chihuahua’s Shedding:

We assure you that putting in your struggle following these steps mentioned below, you will succeed in reducing your favorite Chihuahua’s shedding.

  • The very initial step to reduce shedding is to brush your Chihuahua regularly to remove excess fur. For this, you can use regular fine bristled brush and other accessories such as Shed Ender, Furminator, and FurBuster.
  • Bathing your Chihuahua after reasonable intervals also helps, as the extra fur gets washed away.
  • As already stated, your Chihuahua will shed more in spring and summer, hence, need more regular grooming routines.
  • It is much recommended for your domestic hygiene to frequently clean your house using a vacuum cleaner.
  • You can also train your Chihuahua to keep off from your furniture, or, you may use a lint roller to keep your furniture fur-free.


The Bottom Line on Chihuahua Shedding:

To conclude, we will say that:-

  • You cannot stop a Chihuahua from shedding; however, you can reduce it.
  • In order to reduce shedding, you have to work on removing the excess fur.
  • Try to get your Chihuahua into regular grooming routine, which should consist on brushing and bathing.
  • Clean your home frequently for a healthy environment. Vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and using a damp towel for removing fur can work well.

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  1. Marie Gollon

    We’ve found that lint rollers work very well on our Chihuahuas. They (especially the long hair one) get hair in their eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Careful and slow in the facial area. Let them know what you are going to do before you do it.


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