How to get rid of Chihuahua’s ticks?

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It is very common to pick up tick for your puppy while running or playing outside. Tick feast on the blood of the Chihuahua after entering the dog’s fur. Veterinarian suggest to remove the dog’s ticks manually to make your Chihuahua healthy.

Chihuahua Ticks

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Examine your puppy ticks: The easiest way to check the ticks on the Chihuahua’s fur, simply run your hand on the puppy’s fur. If a little, hard bump hit your hand, it means that your puppy have ticks. Ticks are basically little (8 legged) arachnids and brown or black in shade. Mostly, visual checkup is enough to recognize ticks. If your puppy has a long coat then you can use a comb or brush. Preparation

Essential items to remove your puppy’s ticks include latex gloves, antibiotic ointment, and a pair of tweezers. Use isopropyl rubbing alcohol to kill the tick.

Removal: Make sure that there is enough light to search and remove the tick. To catch the tick, tweezers are the best option.

Disposal: After picking the tick from the Chihuahua’s hair, throw it instantly in the disposable cup that contain isopropyl rubbing alcohol. It kills the tick in an immediate manner. Then flush it down after an hour.

Cleaning and rewarding: After removing all the ticks from the puppy’s body, apply a little quantity of triple antibiotic ointment on the wounds. Wound may take 1 or 2 weeks to heal up. Antibiotics are very useful to heal the wound in a fast manner.

Tick cautions for the owners:

  • To avoid any infection symptom, have a close look on the tick bite area on a daily basis for a week
  • Wash the tweezers with fresh rubbing alcohol right after eliminating the tick
  • Avoid using bare hands to pick the tick, always use an appropriate tool to remove the tick.

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