The best way to groom your long haired Chihuahua

There are no complicated techniques to groom the long haired Chihuahua but it is necessary for the owner to learn the appropriate way to keep the dog’s coat clean and shiny. The major aspect is the cleanliness because the Chihuahua is an indoor pet and it is used to sleep on your bed, travel in your car and play with your household stuff so it is important to wash the dog and keep it clean on a frequent basis.

Easy way to groom a long haired chihuahua

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Give proper bath to your dog: Before giving bath to the Chihuahua, brush it thoroughly and eliminate all the loose hair as well as matted segment. Now fill water in the bathtub and water must be lukewarm. Towel or rubber mat must be there which is helpful to avoid slipping. Place the dog in the bathtub and wet it with water. You can use any plastic jug to wet the Chihuahua in a convenient manner. Use a specially formulated dog shampoo and massage in a proper manner with the help of fingers over the hair from head to tail. If the dog’s living area is not safe from ticks and fleas then it is necessary to use such type of shampoo that keep your Chihuahua safe from them. Wash and clean the head and snout in a gentle manner. Take special care to keep the shampoo away from the eyes of the dog as it cause irritation. After giving the massage with the shampoo, rinse it properly and dry the Chihuahua with a soft towel.

Drying the Chihuahua: The best way to dry your dog is to place it in the sunlight as most of the dogs don’t like to get dry with the help of a hairdryer because of its noise. In case of cold weather, place your Chihuahua on the towel which is spread on the bed and wipe out all the water. If you want to dry the dog with the help of dryer then it is important to maintain some distance while drying the dog. If your Chihuahua gets habitual with the dryer then you can bring it closer to the dog and keep moving to evade heat on the same region. Cover the eyes and face of the dog properly in order to protect it from the heat. Also take care that the hairdryer won’t affect the ears as it is a sensitive region and a little negligence might cause a serious problem. Overheating might also cause burning or irritation to the skin of the Chihuahua so it is important to monitor the heat of the hairdryer constantly while using it.

Brushing techniques: Another important aspect after drying the dog is brushing. The coat of this breed is soft and also consist of an undercoat. Brush your dog’s coat in a proper manner with the help of a pin brush or with the help of a spinning pin brush that consist of rubber tips to keep the dog away from the skin irritation. Dead hair and dander can be easily eliminated with the help of this technique.

Now use a bristle brush to brush the coat of the Chihuahua that is quite soft and natural in use. For the gentle combing of your dog’s coat, the double sided comb is the best option.

Trim your Chihuahua’s hair: To remove the hair around the Chihuahua’s toes, shaver or hair clipper is an appropriate option. Blunt scissor is useful to keep the tail tidy and short. Use nail clipper to cut the nails of the dog that usually consist of safety guard that keeps the owner from cutting the nails too short.

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