Trimming Your Chihuahua’s Nails

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Like all small dogs, your little Chihuahua is also reluctant when it comes to nails’ trimming. They will do almost everything to avoid the task. They will run away to their beds, play hide and seek with you, and take it as a distressing activity. It is equally frightening for you because there is always a fear of clipping their nails too deep, due to pulling their paws away in reluctance.

Cutting nails of Chihuahua

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Why Clipping is necessary for your Chihuahua’s Nails: Nail trimming of a Chihuahua is the most integral part of its grooming and health. Many serious health problems can be avoided through regular clipping of Chihuahua’s nails. Its long nails can affect its way of walking, can cause infectious wounds, growth malformation in toes and can even cause Canine Arthritis.


How to choose the best Nail Clipper: First of all, DO NOT use your regular human nail clippers to trim your Chihuahua’s nails. Instead, use a good clipper designed especially for dogs. There are basically two kinds of clippers available in the market: one is scissor-style, which is shaped like a scissor with two crescent-shaped blades and the other is guillotine consisting of a single crescent-shaped blade which cuts the nail by pressing nail against an object. Both works well until the blades become dull.


Steps to Trim Your Chihuahua’s Nails:

1. Identify a place i.e. a couch, table, recliner etc.

2. Gently comfort your Chihuahua

3. Hold clippers and glide your Chihuahua’s nails under the blade.

4. Carefully check where the quick begins, it’s a white or black line. You should cut about 2mm around this area.

5. Distract your Chihuahua by patting or some other thing, restraining will cause strain and unease.

6. Cut all 20 nails likewise and give your Chihuahua a lovely pat for being supportive.


Ouch! I’ve cut into the Quick: If you have unconsciously cut into the quick and Chihuahua begins to bleed, then use styptic powder like Kwik stop. If bleeding does not stop till 5 minutes then visit a vet.

3 thoughts on “Trimming Your Chihuahua’s Nails

  1. Jeannie Matlock

    My Chis have dark nails. By the time I figure out where I should cut, they get antsy. Unfortunately I have to have a vet do it.

    1. Mary

      My Chihuahua also has black nails I cannot see the quick.both sides are black from front to back and I’m afraid I’m not going to cut it right he has a little bit of long nails and he does not like his feet to be touched and take him to the vet and he doesn’t like that either but just to keep them trimmed I can’t even see where to cut you have any ideas it’s about 8 of an inch long thanks

  2. Cheryl

    Mine has black nails as well. What I read to do is cut them at the top where they curl down. Hope this helps.


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