Brief Description of Syringomyelia in Chihuahua

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The small dogs usually get affected with the Syringomyelia (SM). In this disease, the fluid-filled sacs are produced around the spinal cord which hinder the flow of cerebrospinal fluid to and from the brain. The symptoms of the SM are very painful and it may also result in life-threatening complications. Early detection of the disease and its symptoms are helpful to deal with this condition.

Brief description of Syringomyelia in Chihuahua

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Causes of the Syringomyelia in Chihuahua:

SM results when the upper portion of the spinal cord is blocked which inhibit the normal flow of the spinal fluid. In normal dogs, the spinal fluid travels back and forth to the brain, but it is not possible if your Chihuahua is infected with the SM. The fluid blockage causes the fluid gathering in the spinal cord that ultimately forms fluid-filled cavities.

Symptoms of SM: The Chihuahua infected with SM feel minor itching in the initial phase and then severe pain and discomfort results when the condition gets worse. The most common symptom include

  • Spinal scoliosis
  • Holding one or both legs up off the floor
  • Feel extreme cold or hot
  • Some dogs scratch their neck excessively in this condition
  • Most of the dog’s experience shaking and shivering in SM

Treatment: There are multiple treatments available for the Chihuahua suffering from SM but it is better to take your dog to the professional veterinarian who will decide a appropriate treatment for your dog. Recently, the dogs that experienced such deadly condition have been given the medicine that efficiently controlled the production of cerebrospinal fluid sacs. Prilosec is the drug that is very effective to inhibit the fluid sacs production.





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