Common causes of Allergies in Chihuahua Breed

Like humans Chihuahua can also suffer from various kinds of allergies. It is observed that 1 in 5 dogs suffer from different allergies. Though there is no any serious danger to the Chihuahua’s health but it is very terrifying for the owner to watch the Chihuahua suffering from any allergy.
But what is the actual reason of such allergies? Here are some general causes of allergies.

Common reasons of allergies in Chihuahua Breed

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Some allergies only take time to recover but in severe cases proper treatment is required to eliminate any serious threat. It is better to visit the veterinarian to identify the cause of the allergy and make your dog healthy.

General symptoms of allergies include:

  • Sneezing
  • Dry or peel skin
  • Nose discharge
  • Eyes discharge
  • Diarrhea
  • Weakness
  • Wheezing
  • Licking around the paws

Internal allergies:
There are two types of allergies which include internal allergies and external allergies. Internal allergies are generated because of the things that are causing problem inside the body of the Chihuahua while external allergies are associated with the outside of the Chihuahua’s body. The most common cause of the internal allergy is food. If you dog exhibit any of the above mentioned symptoms than it must be some sort of allergy and you can take an immediate action to resolve the issue. Internal allergy may include diarrhea, itching, vomiting, nausea, bad throat and so on. The food that is rich in gluten content is not safe for the Chihuahua’s health so try to avoid such type of food or your Chihuahua as it may cause serious allergy. Some dogs are used to eat the food from the coffee table that is not good for its health and the Chihuahua’s stomach is not able to digest the food as it contains ingredients which are not healthy for the dog.

External Allergies:
External allergies are normally caused because of external environment. There are numerous
things involved that cause the external allergy in the Chihuahua. The common causes of such symptoms include shampoo, soaps, and conditioners. Most of the owner are not aware of the fact that most of the products have dyes and fragrances which are not safe for the Chihuahua’s health that ultimately cause allergy. Because foreign chemicals and dyes are not appropriate for the dog’s body and it may cause serious trouble. Itchiness is the most common allergic reaction that is caused because of various types of shampoos, soaps, and conditioners that result in redness from extreme scratching on the allergic portion. Another common allergy that is caused by flea bites in which a single flea bite develop an open wound that cause severe type of allergy. It is quite painful and effect the whole body. To avoid such type of allergy, it is recommended to keep your Chihuahua safe from these insects. It is observed that external allergies are somewhat less harmful as compared to the internal allergies but it is important to keep your dog safe form both kinds of allergies to make them healthy and happy.

How to treat allergies?
Treatment of allergies on time is very important to avoid any severe problem. Talk to a professional and well experienced veterinarian to identify the condition of the Chihuahua. The veterinarian may suggest any medication concerning the condition of the dog. According to the type of allergy, the expert veterinarian may recommend to change the food of the dog that cause allergic reaction. Some Chihuahua are allergic to every kind of dog’s food and the owner have to prepare its food by hand. In case of even minor allergic reaction, consult to the professional for better treatment of your dog.

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