Dental Care and Oral Hygiene of Chihuahua

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Chihuahuas are less prone to oral diseases as compared to other dog breeds. But, due to their small mouth, the teeth are forced in, that may give rise to oral problems like gum diseases, tooth decay, tooth loss and even strokes. It has been observed by the experts that about ¾ Chihuahua experiences oral issue by the age of 4. To avoid such problems, you, as a puppy owner, can get into the habit of taking care of your Chihuahua’s dental/oral hygiene.

Chihuhua Teeth Problems

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How to Brush Your Chihuahua’s Teeth: Brushing is the only and most important thing you can do to defend your Chihuahua against different forms of gum diseases, tartar, and tooth decay. Normally people use old toothbrushes and regular human toothpaste for brushing Chihuahua’s teeth, which is not a suitable option, as regular toothpaste contains fluoride that can cause stomach ache to your Chihuahua.

The best option is to get specially designed toothbrushes available in different sizes in the market, pairing it with nicely flavored canine toothpaste available in beef, chicken, salmon and malt flavors.

So, as you are fully equipped now, so get ready to brush your Chihuahua’s teeth:

  • Step One – Brushing, for first few times can be uncomfortable for a Chihuahua. So, sit down in a comfortable chair, place Chihuahua in your lap. You are supposed to comfort them with gentle talk, praise, and pat.
  • Step Two – Next is to motivate them to open their mouth. Flavored toothpaste can prove to be of much help. Once it opens up, you may insert the toothbrush in.
  • Step Three –While brushing your Chihuahua’s teeth also inspect if there are any signs of tooth decay, cavity or other such issues.
  • Step Four – At the end! Of course, praise your Chihuahua and give him positive reinforcement.

Other Ways to Improve Your Chihuahua’s Oral Health:

FOOD: Along with taking care of oral hygiene with brushing, you can also achieve your purpose with the kind of food you are feeding to your Chihuahua. At the younger age, you are supposed to feed your Chihuahua with premium dog food. Soft-canned food can be given occasionally as it is sticky and moist; will stick to your pup’s teeth, resulting in tooth decay. Crunchy food will be helpful in removing tartar off from their teeth

TOYS: You can give your Chihuahua tough chew toys which can prove to be helpful in removing food particles and tartar off from Chihuahua’s teeth.

In this video you will see step by step approach to prepare your chihuahua for you to brush its teeth


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