Fleas Treatment and Prevention for Chihuahua

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Fleas the parasites feed on the blood of their host & their quick reproductive cycle make them a difficult challenge to eliminate them from the pet & the environment.  They usually hide in your pet’s coat and remain unnoticed until itching begins as they acquire blood meals from your pet. Now we look in this matter in order to thoroughly understand how to treat & prevent their infestations from occurring in your pups.

Fleas prevention for Chihuahua

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It is usually believed that there is only single kind of flea. However, in reality, there are about 2000 varieties of fleas, the effects of which are almost same on your Chihuahua. You have to control them before they reproduce themselves rapidly.

Do you think you know everything about fleas? Ok! Take a look below:

  • Fleas were present on earth in Prehistoric times, about 100 million years ago.
  • A Female flea can lay 2000 eggs in its whole life.
  • Fleas are small flightless insects. They are external parasites of warm-blooded animals
  • Fleas feed on its victim’s blood and bites him several hundred times a day.
  • Fleas are normally found in warmer areas but can survive in cold regions too.
  • The average life of a flea is about 3 months.

Why Fleas are Dangerous to Chihuahuas:

Most of the Chihuahua owners do not consider flea infestation as a serious matter. A common flea bites Chihuahua for about 300-400 times a day, causing itching and discomfort. Your pup licks himself repeatedly to clean itself off from fleas, but it proves to be of no use. Hence, you have to step in and help your Chihuahua.

Few of the Chihuahuas are prone to allergic reactions from flea’s saliva, which causes severe itching. This result in Chihuahua, scratching its skin off and have open painful wounds. In this case, you have to place a cone on your Chihuahua to avoid further harm.

Another concern is your own health. These parasites, once infest your pet can harm a human being too. Keep your infested Chihuahua off your bed to avoid transmission of parasites.

Treating Your Chihuahua’s Fleas:

  • Target breeding places of fleas those are cool & humid spots in your home that don’t get much exposure to sunlight and clean them regularly with vacuum cleaner.  Before vacuuming the carpets, Don’t forget to sprinkle salt, baking soda, or Borax on carpets throughout before vacuuming.
  • Put the pet’s bedding in the washing machine’s dryer, put the hot dryer ON for 30 minutes that will kill adults, larvae and eggs.
  • Fix dehumidifier(s) in your home & keep the humidity in your home under 50% for at least 2 days. This action will kill adult fleas, larvae, and also stop flea eggs from hatching. Then vacuum the dead fleas and their eggs.
  • Try to expose any cool, moist dark spots to sunlight in your lawn by trimming weeds etc.
  • Bathe your Chihuahua regularly with specialized flea treatment shampoo.
  • After bathing Chihuahua, use a flea comb to pick off fleas.
  • Spray your Chihuahua, with a mixture of water and vinegar. Fleas hate it!

Severe Flea Infestations: If you don’t succeed in eliminating fleas with the above-mentioned methods, then use medicine “Frontline” which is the first choice of vets. It eliminates fleas in just 12 hours, killing all eggs, larvae, and pupa.

This Video will let you understand Flea & Tick


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    I have a three pound Chihuahua. I have been using confortice
    , just a half pill when needed. Now I hear that it is bad for the dog?


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