Grass eating behavior in Chihuahua

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In dogs, grass eating is quite communal behavior. According to the survey that was conducted in 2008, about 79% dogs ate grass. Though the study was relatively limited but it is very helpful to understand the behavior of the man’s best pal. If your Chihuahua is eating grass than there are some concerns for the owners that include:

  • Check if your dog is sick or suffering from any serious ailment
  • What is the exact reason of eating the grass?
  • Is Chihuahua also vomit after eating grass?
  • What is the appropriate way to keep your Chihuahua away from eating grass?

All mentioned questions are quite logical and here is the brief description about it.

Grass eating of Chihuahua

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Chihuahua grass eating behavior is normal or not?

Every three out of four Chihuahua exhibit the grass eating behavior. According to many experts, grass eating is a normal thing for the dogs. There are some Chihuahua that are very choosy and prefer to eat ryegrass or fescue, etc. While other Chihuahua can eat any type of grass. To identify the exact reason of eating grass is quite difficult. There are various theories regarding this habit of the Chihuahua as discussed below.

Digestion:  One of the most common theory regarding grass eating is that some Chihuahua eat grass in order to induce vomiting that is helpful to make the digestive system functional. Because upset stomach of Chihuahua may lead to many disorders that include intestinal blockage, gas trouble, etc. So after eating grass, the indigestible plan matter get stick with the stomach and throat and induce vomiting. The entire blade of grass cause vomiting if it is taken without chewing. An online survey was conducted by the University of California in which they identified about 22% dogs that vomit after eating grass on regular basis and only 8% of the dog’s population exhibit illness. But there are many professionals that don’t rely on this theory.

Nutritional Deficiency: Another theory that seem quite logical that Chihuahua prefer to eat grass because of hunger. When the owner starting ignore the appropriate quantity of the dog’s food then dog start feeling appetite on a regular basis and find the grass a convenient source to fulfill the nutritional deficiency. Grass contains a huge amount of cellulose that pass through the digestive tract.

Intestinal parasites: Some people think that the major reason of eating grass is the elimination of intestinal parasites which include hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, whipworms, etc. The grass cause vomit and remove the parasite from the digestive tract. Moreover, an article is published related to the grass eating dogs and it is observed that if Chihuahua eat grass during pregnancy then there are more chances to give birth to the grass eating puppies.

Boredom: At times Chihuahua get bored and start to eat grass because Chihuahua require mental and physical motivation on a regular basis and if the owner start ignoring it then it will get dull and try to find out other ways to kill time. Chihuahua do different activities to pass time such as tearing of tissue paper rolls, nail biting, chewing on carpet and eating things most commonly grass.

What are risks of eating grass?

There are numerous things that might cause harm to the grass eating dogs that include Pesticides There are chances that Chihuahua might consume pesticides while eating grass and most pesticides consist of various hazardous chemicals such as benzene, dioxins, methanol, chlorine, arsenic, ammonia, and so on.

Fertilizers: Fertilizers may also cause harm to the Chihuahua’s health because it contains phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen.

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