How to cure and prevent the flea on Chihuahua?

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Flea invasion is a common problem in the dogs that reside in the regions of Africa, Asia, Europe and also in some parts of U.S. Many owners don’t even know about their dog’s flea problem until the infestation has initiated. Flea is very small in size that is why it is not possible to take notice earlier. It is estimated that there are about 2000 species of flea across the world.

Prevention of fleas in Chihuahua Breed

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Fleas are dangerous to Chihuahua: Most of the owners don’t take the flea issue seriously but fleas are very dangerous that can cause a serious health issue. Fleas are parasites as they live on the blood of their host and bite 300-400 times per day which forces Chihuahua to fanatically lick and clean themselves throughout the day to get rid of fleas. Some dogs are allergic from the saliva of the flea, they scratch and chew off their body to wipe out the flea’s saliva which results in the severe wounds that can cause infection. In the conventional flea treatment, the owner has to put a cone on the dog to prevent further injury. Moreover, the infected Chihuahua has the ability to transmit the infection, so it is better to keep your dog away from your bed.

How to get rid of fleas: To eliminate the fleas, it is essential to know the breeding ground. Check the napping and resting areas of the dog and clean all areas in a proper manner. Give multiple baths to your dog to lessen the amount of flea in the dog’s body hair. Instead of using a dog shampoo, use the shampoo that is specially made to cure the fleas. Use the flea comb to brush the Chihuahua’s hair which is very useful to eliminate the flea.

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