How to get rid of Chihuahua’s dental issues

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There are few health problems in Chihuahua as compared to other dog breeds. Chihuahua experience some oral problems that include tooth loss, stroke, gum disease, tooth decay, etc. The major reason of oral disease is that the Chihuahua has a very small mouth that forces teeth to get compressed when they grow in. Many Chihuahua experience no dental problem.

how to get rid of chihuahua's dental problems

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Right way to brush the Chihuahua’s teeth

To keep your Chihuahua teeth healthy, brushing is the best thing. As the food particles get stuck in the teeth that become tartar and cause a serious dental issue. Most of the time tarter cause tooth decay, tooth loss, and various types of gum disease. Following are the major steps to brush your dog’s teeth.

Step 1

Place the dog on your lap. Initially, Chihuahua may get nervous. To make your dog relax, talk, praise your puppy. Make it sure that everything is fine.

Step 2

Prefer flavored canine toothpaste for your dog, it will be more pleased to open its mouth for it. Place a small amount of paste in the dog’s mouth. It will open mouth and start licking the paste.

Step 3

As the dog open its mouth, you will get approach to its teeth and gum. Have a close look and place a small quantity of paste on the tooth brush to brush the large canines. Then brush the smaller teeth.

Step 4

After brushing, praise your dog to boost up its confidence. Positive support is very helpful to make your puppy feel good during brushing. Continuous praise makes your Chihuahua enjoy this activity.

Other technique to take care of oral health of your puppy

A rawhide chew is very helpful to eliminate tartar and food particles that are stick on the teeth.

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  1. Jeannie Matlock

    Thank you for the tips. I have two little Chis. I have the toothbrushes, finger scrubbies, and toothpaste. Brushing has been almost impossible as they fight me. I give them things they can chew on hoping the tarter will come off. I will certainly give these tips a try.


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