How to Get Rid of Hacking & Wheezing Sounds of Chihuahua?

In the Chihuahua breed, the wheezing is a very common issue. It is very important for the owner to get familiarized with this situation even if your dog has not experienced it yet. So in the case of an emergency, you can treat your dog in a better way.

Sneezing in Chihuahua Breed

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What are the symptoms of reverse sneezing or wheezing?

Many owners can easily identify the wheezing episode in the Chihuahua but some dogs’ exhibit different actions during the episode. Most of the dogs exhibit identical actions during wheezing in which they stop their routine work and tilt their down, start to gasp, hacks as they fight for breath. Many owners get frantic and visit pricey veterinarians for their dogs.


Common causes of reverse wheezing

There are multiple causes of reverse sneezing or wheezing that include:

  • Infestation of nasal mites
  • Eating or drinking in an excessive amount
  • Many dogs are allergic to pollens, dust, and air pollutants
  • Get too excited after playing
  • Dogs who are wearing tight collars often pull it because of wheezing problem


What is the cure of Reverse sneezing or wheezing?

Unluckily, there is no authorized remedy for the reverse wheezing or sneezing. Many  owners take their dogs to the veterinarians but it is the only wastage of time and money because the sneezing episode will automatically pass on after a specific time period without even any treatment. But there are some tips that might be beneficial to the Chihuahua during this period.

When the Chihuahua experience the sneezing period, simply get down on the ground and smoothly massage its neck. The massage will be very helpful to shorten the wheezing period. At times, pinching the nose of the dog also shorten the wheezing period.

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