How To Make Your Obese Chihuahua Smart

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Many owners don’t take the Chihuahua’s obesity seriously and most of the people make fun at the weight issue. But the fact is that the obesity is a very serious issue for the Chihuahua as it is for humans. It may cause serious health problems that include diabetes, arthritis, joint problem, and it may also reduce the total life expectancy. If your Chihuahua is gaining wait then it is the time to take necessary action. The healthy weight of Chihuahua is less than 6 pounds. Another way to identify the Chihuahua obesity is to gently rub the puppy with your hand and if you are not able to feel the rib cage of the dog then it is the sign of obesity.

How to make obese Chihuahua smart

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Why is overweight Chihuahua at health risk?

Here are some major issues related to the obesity of the Chihuahua

  • The overweight Chihuahua feel intense pressure on the joints and bones which may cause arthritis. Obese dogs are able to develop multiple bone problems which automatically reduce the life span.
  • Many obese Chihuahua develops type II diabetes because the body need more insulin. Many dogs need insulin on daily basis to control the sugar level.
  • Overweight dogs might experience back and spinal problems. Obese Chihuahua is not able to handle the weight and it may lead to the slip of spinal disc, fractured bones, and splitting of a ligament.
  • High blood pressure is another risk for the obese dogs. This is a very serious health issue as it cause a huge pressure on all the organs of the body which enhances the chance of organ failure.
  • Heart disease occurs in the obese Chihuahua because additional fat pressurizes the heart to pump more blood that causes various heart issues.

How to avoid the obesity?

It is very simple to keep your Chihuahua healthy. You just need to take care of the food of your puppy and provide a limited amount of food that can be easily digested. Enhance the activities of the dog so it remains busy in running and playing. Moreover, exercise is another effective source to lose weight.


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