How To Protect The Chihuahua From Lethal Parvovirus

Owners should know about the canine Parvovirus that is a type 2 virus. The symptoms of this disease include diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration. If the treatment is not provided in time then there are chances that your dog ends up dying.

How to save Chihuahua from lethal Parvo Virus

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How is Parvo transmitted to the dog: The virus can be easily transmitted from the infected dog’s skin. Fecal matter is one of the major sources of virus transmission. The parvovirus has the ability to spread in a quick manner and it can latch on the blankets, food, furniture, carpet, water bowls, etc. Generally, little puppies and Chihuahua without vaccination have more chances to get affected by this deadly disease.

Symptoms of the Parvovirus: Symptoms of the virus include

  • High temperature
  • Body pain especially in abdominal region
  • Diarrhea
  • Weakness
  • Bloody stool

Way to diagnose the Parvovirus in Chihuahua: The only experienced veterinarian can identify the Parvovirus in a proper manner. There are various tests available which are very useful to identify the disease and the most effective test is through stool sample and within 20 minutes it can be identified that the dog is infected or not.

Treatment & Prevention: It is not possible to cure the Canine Parvovirus but you should take your Chihuahua immediately to the veterinarian. Some dogs have a strong immune system so they can fight the virus. Once your dog is infected with the virus, it can be placed on the IV- drip, observe the vitals, and give pain-relieving drugs. The best way to protect your Chihuahua is to give vaccination. Moreover, it is important to keep the Chihuahua away from the infected dogs even if your dog is vaccinated because the weak immune system of the dog put it at the high risk to get affected with this disease.


One thought on “How To Protect The Chihuahua From Lethal Parvovirus

  1. Karen

    Parvo is curable in rare cases where it is caught early. My sister had a dog survive it years ago. Still you must vaccinate your dogs. It is a deadly disease.


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