Identifying and treating Arthritis in Chihuahua

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Degenerative arthritis is a quite common joint disease which is very painful and about 20% of the Chihuahua’s population get effected from this disease. Chihuahua that are suffering from this awful disease might show symptoms of weakness, discomfort around the joints that make it problematic to walk in a convenient manner. Unfortunately, there is no cure of this condition but there are some treatments that are helpful to slow down the progress of the disease and also aid to minimize the pain. So, it is essential for the owners to educate their selves as well as the whole family about the Chihuahua’s Arthritis to deal with it in a proper manner. Many owners take this condition for granted but it is not a good thing because the arthritis might be much painful that make impossible for the Chihuahua to move from one place to another. As a responsible owner, it is your duty to make your Chihuahua happy and healthy.

Arthiritis in Chihuahua Dogs

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Indications of the Arthritis in Chihuahua:

Arthritis that is a degenerative condition and it gets aggravated with the passage of time. In the initial state of this disease, the Chihuahua may not display any symptom and it is also difficult for the owners and veterinarian to diagnose the condition. Those Chihuahua that are much older and suffering from the advanced stages of the disease exhibit more symptoms and it is very easy for the specialist to identify the disease.


Some signs of arthritis that are exhibit by the Chihuahua:

  • Sudden weight gain
  • Minimum physical activities
  • No interest in toys or any other related stuff
  • Unable to jump on bed, couch or any other furniture
  • While walking, holding one or more leg because of pain or discomfort
  • Prefer to lay on bed throughout the day instead of doing other activities
  • On picking it up, it yelp in pain


Identifying arthritis:

It is important to get your Chihuahua examined once if it is exhibiting one or more symptoms as mentioned above. Though these are quite common symptoms of the general joint pain and it is not the confirmation that your Chihuahua is suffering from arthritis. The best way to confirm that either your Chihuahua is suffering from this condition or not is through a proper examination from the highly qualified and experienced veterinarian. Usually, the X-ray report is needed along with the physical examination to identify the disease. It is better to take your Chihuahua for examination right when you notice some unusual behaviors in your dog because earlier diagnose is very helpful to control the condition and the condition on advanced stage is quite problematic to deal with.


What are various treatment ways for the Chihuahua?

The only way to deal with the arthritis is to slow down the progress of the disease. A pain killer that will be recommended by an expert will be quite helpful to eliminate the joint pain of your Chihuahua. Moreover, your main goal is to slow the progress of the disease. It is very easy to mix chondroitin or glucosamine in the diet of the dog. Such compounds are very useful to strengthen the joints of animals as well as humans. The combine effect of these compounds lessen the degradation of the cartridge joint and also aid to form it.

Obesity is one of the key reason of arthritis in the Chihuahua. Therefore, it is essential to make keep an eye on the dog’s weight. Extra weight of the dog cause pressure on the joints that ultimately cause arthritis in the dog. So take care of the Chihuahua’s diet and physical activities in order to make your Chihuahua healthy and smart.

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