Shaking & Shivering in Chihuahua

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Chihuahua tends to shiver and shake more as compared to other dogs. Some owners think that such type of behavior is the result of any serious health issue. What are the main factors that cause your puppy to shiver and shake?

Shaking and Shiveing in Chihuahua

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Cold: One of the most popular reasons of shivering and shaking of the dog is because they feel cold. As Chihuahua are the smallest breed across the world with 2-4 pounds average weight that is why they are very vulnerable to the effect of cold. Shivering speeds up the blood flow all over the Chihuahua’s body and they remain safe from hypothermia.

Tips that keep your dog warm in the winter

  • Dress your dog in a proper manner with hoodie or sweater
  • Hold the dog in arm or chest to give warmth
  • Provide extra blankets and bedding material
  • Warm up your home so the Chihuahua feel more comfortable.

Excitement: Chihuahua starts shivering when finding some treat but there is nothing to be worried about because such kind of excitement is healthy for the dog but avoid giving excessive treats to keep your Chihuahua smart.

Anxious: Nervousness also causes shivering in Chihuahua. Avoid punishing your Chihuahua because your strict voice is enough to cause shaking and shivering in Chihuahua. If the larger dog is around the Chihuahua then it starts shivering as it is not comfortable in the presence of dangerous dogs. The shaking is the symptom that Chihuahua is feeling frightened.

Hypoglycemia: About 10% of the Chihuahua are suffering from hypoglycemia. Symptoms of low blood sugar level include uncontrolled shaking, lethargy, and lack of energy. The timely treatment of this condition is very essential otherwise, it might cause death. You can give a little amount of sugar water to your dog after observing such symptoms.

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