The Most Common Health Issues with Chihuahua Breed

The Most Common Health Issues with Chihuahua Breed

Chihuahuas are branded to be the healthiest breed of dogs, but there are some issues regarding their health conditions. Being a Chihuahua’s owner the information given below may be very helpful.

Common health issue with Chihuahua

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Hydrocephalus: It is a genetic disorder in this condition the fluid gathers in the brain, enlarging the head. It is fatal & occasionally causes brain damage. Sometimes Chihuahuas are born with an imperfect skull due to which a soft spot is formed on the top of their heads. Any injury at this spot can be fatal.

Hypoglycemia: In this condition the blood sugar level decreases below the essential normal level needed for energy & steadiness. Due to this the dogs shiver, get disoriented, exhausted & can fall into coma and possibly die. On finding the symptoms the treatment to restore the blood sugar level must be given instantly by rubbing honey on dog’s gums or placing some under its tongue.

Conjunctivitis: The inflammation of the conjunctiva (The tissue coating eye & lining of the eyelids) is caused due to infections, commonly caused by foreign objects that enter the eye area. The signs are redness of the conjunctives, narrowing eye or rubbing at the eye. The eyes should be examined properly & the vet should be consulted.

Obesity: In this condition the body weight is increased due to excessive accumulation of fat. Overweight Chihuahua is at more risk of developing high blood pressure (hypertension) leading to heart disease. Proper nutrition must be given to the Chihuahua & the veterinarian must be consulted to chart the best foods along with feeding timetable.

Shivering: The trembling or shivering in Chihuahuas is a normal condition. This is rarely due to any health problems. Actually the dog is full of energy & it needs to expend, or it is simply cold.

Skin Allergies/Dermatitis: A condition in which the skin becomes red, swollen, and aching, sometimes with minor blisters, resulting irritation of the skin from insect infestation, food allergies and environmental allergies such as pollen, detergents, dust etc. The Vet must be consulted for prescription.

Otitis Externa: This is the infection & inflammation of the passage of the outer ear. These are most common in dogs with floppy ears. The Vet must be consulted, who will prescribe a medicated ear wash and some antibiotics.

Urinary tract infection & inflammation of the urinary bladder:  This infection is usually caused by bacteria. The most common signs are hurting to urinate & presence of blood in the urine. The vet must be consulted for treatment & prescription.

Diarrhea: It is a common condition in which the dog’s stools are loose watery, mostly with mucus & sometimes with bright blood.  Diarrhea can be caused due to a drastic change in diet or can be a bacterial infection.  When the blood is visible in the stool the presence of parasites such as Giardia and Coccidiosis worms is suspected. The vet must be consulted for treatment & prescription.

The Chihuahua must be taken to the veterinarian for thorough checkups at least twice a year. This will prevent many health problems & with proper care, your Chihuahua will live a long and healthy life.

3 thoughts on “The Most Common Health Issues with Chihuahua Breed

  1. Janice Migliore

    I have a rescue chihuahua she ia about 7 years old . she has the worst breath ! I’ve had her teeth cleaned so thats no t the problem I think its her stomach she won’t eat yogurt I bought some thing online thats not helping now I’m trying pumpkin but she’s not crazy about it is there anything else I can do ?

  2. Maggie

    My Nina passed 3 wks ago I don’t know why by the time I got her to a doctor that was still open she was gone, in my arms I watched her go. It was heartbreaking I’m still not over it. I never found out why she passed . It would have cost to much. She was doing fine in the morning eat,drink, as usual playful like ways she was 7months by afternoon her body started getting cold and did nothing within an hour she was gone. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY NINA!!!!


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