What are benefits to make your Chihuahua Spayed or Neutered?

Many owners find it useless to spay the Chihuahua while some owners are of the view that spaying is bad for the Chihuahua as it cause pain and stress. Here is the brief guideline about the importance of spaying or neutering.

Neutering or Spaying Chihuahua Dogs

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Is spaying or neutering essential for the Chihuahua?

If you want to breed your Chihuahua later then you won’t fix them but it is really a big decision. It takes a huge amount of money and time to deal with this issue. Another option is to avoid spaying if the veterinarian suggest you to evade it.

Spaying saves life of your dog

American Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals revealed that there are about 5-7 million animals enter in the animal shelter annually. It is an ugly static because owners start neglecting to fix the pet’s problems. To ovoid overpopulation, it is the best way to spay the Chihuahua. Even if you don’t want to breed the Chihuahua, the female Chihuahua set off hormones that work as an attractant to unstable the male Chihuahua that is why it is necessary to spay your Chihuahua.

Spaying is beneficial to regulate the desire of male Chihuahua

It is common that the male Chihuahua get attracted to the female that is in heat nearby. This phenomena make them together to spread the species. But if you don’t want more population then spaying your Chihuahua that inhibit the instinctual desire to ramble the neighborhood looking for a mate.

Spaying eliminate prostate cancer

There are thousands of Chihuahua that die because of the prostate cancer. Studies revealed that the prostate cancer is associated with the amount of testosterone. After spaying your dog, there will be no such risks.

One thought on “What are benefits to make your Chihuahua Spayed or Neutered?

  1. Monica Flick

    I have a 4 lb female, and was told if I had her spayed she would double in size. Could this be true. I want her to stay around 4lbs she is 6 mos old.


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