Are Chihuahua Puppies safe for younger children or not?

There are multiple owners that used to ask that their children and Chihuahua are not able to mix in a good manner. Most of the trainers do not allow to have Chihuahua if there are small children in the home. But if you really want to have Chihuahua in your home in the presence of little children then it is recommended to give a proper training to the Chihuahua that require a lot of hard work and plenty of time to make Chihuahua and children live together.

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There are three major reason that why majority of the trainers suggest you to avoid Chihuahua if there are children at home, the foremost reason is it requires a large amount of time, secondly it is hard to maintain the discipline in the initial phase and thirdly Chihuahua training is quite challenging task to keep your children safe. Many people are not able to find time to train their dog in an appropriate manner as they remain busy with the small children and there are chances that the untrained Chihuahua might harm your child. While, there is no harm for an adult because they are well aware that how to deal with the dog. On the contrary, there are also chances that the child hurt the Chihuahua as the child also not experienced to treat the dog in a gentle manner.

Chihuahua are quite vulnerable creature as its bones are very small and delicate in nature and a minor hit ca easily break its bones. There is a chance that the child hurt the dog unintentionally because of lack of awareness.

Make your child familiarize with the Chihuahua Puppy: To make a friendly environment, it is very necessary to make your children socialize with the puppy. The younger Chihuahua are preferable for it as it is easy to train it and it is not much harmful as compared to the older one. It is not recommended to mix-up your children with the older Chihuahua because older puppies can harm your small children.

Appreciate your pet: If your puppy is receptive to the petting by your small children then encourage it and praise your Chihuahua by various acts so it will get easy with the children too.

Be consistent in training: To train your dog, the foremost thing is consistency because it takes some time on daily basis. Every day it is necessary to spend a little amount of time to give training to your dog. Also teach children that how to treat the Chihuahua in an appropriate manner. It is better to give training to the dog at the very young age because at that time, the Chihuahua is in learning phase and in developing state. At early stage, the dog can easily learn what you want and behave accordingly as compared to aged Chihuahua.

Take help with games: Game is another source to make your Chihuahua socialize within a little amount of time. You can have a good bonding with your puppy with the help of this technique.

Punish your puppy on wrong deed: Never ignore the wrong actions of your Chihuahua. In case if the puppy bites the child then immediately take an action and place the dog in the timeout area as penalty.

Train with care: It is important to train the puppy with great care. Initially, simply supervise it and make it socialize. If it started to show teeth then simply say bad dog in a scolding tone but make your voice low. Use a snap of fingers or lightly snap after giving the command so the puppy will be able to understand that command.

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