How To Eliminate Aggressiveness Problem In Your lovely Chihuahua

It is quite true that Chihuahuas are droll, entertaining, and loyal little dogs, full of a quirky and peculiar personality, incomparable to any other breed. The dogs of this breed are extremely variable other than that of generalization, they are bold or timid, stubborn or eager to please, feisty or mellow, etc. Like all dogs, Chihuahua also shows aggressive behavior under certain circumstances. It is said that the larger Chihuahua would be a dangerous breed. To prove it true, you have to go through some important questions like Is this dog breed is the most aggressive one as compared to others or is their aggression dangerous. The Pit Bull or the Rottweiler are considered as the most aggressive dog breeds unofficially, but according to the study of journal of Applied Animal Behavior Science, the two breeds, Dachshund and the Chihuahua are most likely to bite a human. When it comes to aggression in dogs, the Chihuahua ranked high as compared to others as reported by the New York Post that in 2010, out of the 3,609 recorded dog bites, the Chihuahua is on 4th number of reported dog bites. This high ranking shocked many people who are not familiar with the aggressive behavior of Chihuahuas.

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It’s true that Chihuahuas have a bold and stubborn personality and they are sometimes yappy, growling and even aggressive enough to snap and bite. Despite of their small size, they are more likely to bite people as they exhibit aggressive behavior. It is important to know that is this aggressiveness is the result of inherited genes or are there certain external factors at play. Infamous Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan explains that aggressive behavior in dogs is a learned trait and is not by birth. According to his view point, aggressive behavior may not be as much in the nature of this breed as it is a result of the way their owners respond to them. Cesar specializes in Pit Bulls and states that Chihuahuas are obedient and intelligent dogs if they are treated and trained properly. In fact, dogs are bred to protect and at times aggression may be an issue of training and learned behavior.

It is irrelevant to debate on whether aggressiveness in dogs’ behavior is inherited or if it is learned behavior as the real question is how to stop aggressive behavior in your small dog. In fact, as long as your Chihuahua has inherited genes for a normal temperament, how you raise him will determine how he turns out. Being an owner of a Chihuahua, you can try some effective tips to eliminate aggressive behavior in your dog. These are as follow;

  1. Introduce your puppy to new people and situations. Start socializing your Chihuahua in its early life as in this way it will be more apt not to be afraid of people or animals.
  2. Praise and love your dog whenever it does something good or shows good behavior.
  3. Do not yell or physically harm your Chihuahua as this can frighten your dog and can lead to worse aggression issues.
  4. You need to take control and set boundaries for your dog as by doing so, your puppy will feel safe and will less likely become aggressive.
  5. Don’t allow passersby to taunt or harass your dog.

One thought on “How To Eliminate Aggressiveness Problem In Your lovely Chihuahua

  1. Laurie

    Helpful if you get as a puppy or know its history, but mine is adopted. Aggressive at adoption. I have no children & the patience and mine has gotten better, but still has to be sedated for grooming, muzzled at vet and if I try to get dingleberries off of him or even an unembedded tick, he becomes very aggressive, even to me. I can’t understand why I can brush him, pick off leaves & brush on my long cost Chi, but a loose tick, he wants to kill me! Any touch near the behind is cause for WWII (same butt behavior with my beloved sweet, non-aggressive Chi) so I’m assuming it’s the breed. I’ve learned how to introduce him to strangers & it works, but I can’t tend to any cuts, sores, ticks, etc and grooming is always an ordeal. Thoughts?


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