how to train your Chihuahua for House Breaking?

It is important to initiate the house breaking as early as possible because it may become very difficult. Chihuahua always like to make the owner happy as it trust a lot so it is very essential to not break the trust of the puppy. Always try to appreciate when it potty in the right region.

By nature, Chihuahua is not able to hold its bladder for a long time period, its bladder is quite small in size and every dog need to go to the bathroom after getting up from a sleep. So it is suggested to keep an eye on your Chihuahua and take it to the spot where you need it to exclude. After every nap, the puppy need to go to the spot and the spot may be any patch, any outdoor, litter box, or grass. If your puppy is older than it is not necessary that it go right after a nap. It is better to take them outside on a daily basis, allow them to exercise and also take them to the bathroom during the exercise so it become habitual to eliminate on the spot and your home will be saved from any waste.

Patellar Luxation in Chihuahua Breed

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Take puppy outside: Chihuahua normally take about 20-30 minutes after meal to visit bathroom so it is better to take them outside right after eating or drinking. Some of the owners keep the puppy away from drinking and eating right after 6 pm to prevent them from going to the bathroom. It is appropriate to take your dog outside before going to the bed. Make a proper schedule because it is the best way to teach the dog in a fast manner.

Clean the Chihuahua regularly: Wipe out all the mishaps carefully. The owner can smell it and clean it in an instant manner but at times the owner is not able to smell it but your puppy can smell it which make it believe that it is the spot to pee and it will become habitual of the mistake. So it is better to clean it on regular basis. You may use various dog cleaners which are easily available in the market place. Avoid using ammonia to clean ups as it smell like a urine that is not appropriate for the cleaning purpose. So it is better to use the cleaner that is specifically designed to clean the puppy’s urine as it contain multiple enzymes that are used to vanish the smell.

Praise is the best technique that make your puppy more obedient and ethical. By nature, Chihuahua want to be praised so it is necessary to praise your puppy after every training so it will be able to understand that what the right way to please its owner is. Words like “good dog” are very healthy for the dog as it acts like a pleasurable sound to it. Try to encourage the dog on the right activity but it is not recommended to punish the dog on any wrong doing because it is quite sensitive by nature and a minor reprimand might cause a serious mental or physical issue. If you have an unchanged male then it’s a big deal to train such kind of dog. In case if there are two males then one will mark and the second one will mark over it. Same in the case of female Chihuahua that the one female tend to pee on the piddle of other female. By nature the male Chihuahua claim its territory and as a house broker it is capable to mark everything.

Use aluminum foil: If your puppy urinate on the wrong place then you should strictly forbid it to do so instead of ignoring it. Moreover, cover your furniture with aluminum foil in order to protect it from the Chihuahua marking. The another advantage of the aluminum foil is that when the puppy urinate on it, a certain type of sound is produced that makes the dog frightens as it flash back on it which is not an appreciable thing by the puppy and it will avoid marking there in future.

Use water sprayer: To keep your Chihuahua on the track, a water sprayer may also be an effective tool. But don’t try to use it for fun. Try to make your puppy aware of the fact that the spray is used as punish for it. Don’t use it frequently otherwise this tool may become ineffective for the dog and it won’t be able to take it as a warning. The another effective way to keep your Chihuahua clean is to confine it to crate so it won’t be able to spoil your house even if you are not able to supervise it because of your busy schedule. Chihuahua avoid pee on the place where it sleep and Chihuahua is precisely clean so there is a chance that it may hold rather to spoil its crate. If your puppy consistently pee inside the crate then you must consult to the expert veterinarian to cure it.

Use various tools: There are multiple devices are available in the market which are very useful to train the Chihuahua in an effective manner that include dog gates, potty patch, portable kennels, and exercise pens. Moreover, you may use the child gate, movable crib or child’s playpen to assist your puppy effectively and these tools are available in a very affordable price.

Crate is not to punish the Chihuahua: Chihuahua are good snugglers as well as amazing bed warmers. It tend to crave with you so no need to penned up it in a constant manner. Must take your puppy out for exercise, bathroom or other physical activities. Avoid using crate to give punish to the dog because next time Chihuahua feel uncomfortable in the crate and won’t be able to feel comfort there. As it is the secure place for it and it tend to spend the most of the time in the crate.

Consult to expert physician: If your puppy is not able to follow your instructions even after a reasonable amount of time then there must be some physical issue with the dog. You should call the expert without any delay and use the best remedy for it. Usually adult dogs are able to hold for 8 to 12 hours but as it gets aged the ability to hold gets weaker with the passage of time.

Praise your puppy: Encouragement and praise are essential factors to boost up your dog. You don’t need to be impatient during the process of training as it is slow but steady process so don’t even think that your puppy is dumb and try different training methods along with the consistent admiration. Older dog is comparatively more difficult to train because it gets used to of the routine for years and it is tough to introduce it with entirely different environment. If you luckily find the older but trained Chihuahua then there is no need to spend a plenty of time on it as it already aware of the major training aspects.
No alternate of housebreaking! Diaper and belly bands are available in the market for female and male Chihuahua respectively which are quite useful for training purpose. In heat such diapers are very useful for the female Chihuahua with spotting that may spoil your furniture. If your male Chihuahua is used to mark then belly bands are of great use. In case if you are not able to keep an eye on the Chihuahua then such tools may help you a lot. But it is not an alternate of housebreaking because a long term use may cause sores due to rubbing and wetness.

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