Is it difficult to train the Chihuahua or not?

Training is of different types so the hardship of the training depends on the type of teaching. If you want to train the Chihuahua regarding the housebreak than it is quite tough training because Chihuahua is considered the most difficult breed to housebreak.

Moreover, Chihuahua is very vigilant and observant breed by nature and it is able to notice even a little thing in a very quick manner. It is very difficult to train it that not to bark on small things because of sensitive nature of the breed.

Patellar Luxation in Chihuahua Breed

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Strangers are another problem for the Chihuahua because it is a bit problematic to make the puppy friendly with the strangers. There are very few Chihuahua that tend to show a friendly behavior but most of the Chihuahua are very reserved by nature and it is not an easy task to make them friendly.

There is no need to get disappointed because Chihuahua are also good in following the commands. It is very obedient and always respond positively whenever the owner commands it.

It not only pay attention to the command but also obey along with humorous and funny personality.

It’s entirely depend on the owner that how he treat the Chihuahua because treating the Chihuahua badly might spoil it. There are many owners who use to treat the Chihuahua as little baby and never forbid it for anything which results in the stubborn nature of the Chihuahua. So it is better to treat your puppy in a very moderate manner so it will respond you the way you want.

Many new owners tend to ask that is it easy to train the Chihuahua or not? According to my view point, there are some factors that are difficult to teach the puppy that include socialization, housebreaking, and barking. In contrast, it is somewhat easy to make the dog listen to you.

Moreover, it also depends on the nature of the dog as well as how you train it in an effective manner.

Here are some tips that will be very useful to train your dog

Teach your puppy how to stay alone: Make your Chihuahua realize that be alone is not something scary or awkward. Though it is not a wise suggestion to leave your dog alone for a long time period but it is very important to teach the dog to remain calm and happy when there is no one in the surrounding. Otherwise most of the dogs tend to act in a very nervous manner. It starts barking and chewing things when it feels lonely and not able to act in a normal way. Such type of disorder is termed as separation anxiety in which the dog’s anxious behavior is not a healthy symptom. If you want your puppy to behave normal even when no one is there then it is necessary to make it alone for a short time period instead of cuddling or pampering it all the time.

Respect is an important element in learning: How it feels when somebody insults you in front of others or disobey you? Off course you never want that your puppy disobey you ever. But how is it possible to make your puppy decent and obedient. All you need to follow the training and teach the puppy gradually so it will never disappoint you under any circumstances.

Focus on teaching the specific words: Many owners often ignore some important words which are very essential for the Chihuahua. If you want to make your puppy submissive then try to teach it gradually but properly. For instance, the “Quite” is important to teach the puppy to make it stop when it noise too much.

Similarly, the word “Enough” is very helpful to make the Chihuahua on the track. So whenever you feel that your puppy start misbehaving with you or your guests then you can simply use the words to make it stop.

Don’t train the dog for every act: Some owners try to grab all the secrets to make their puppy fit in all aspects but obviously it is not possible. You cannot train the dog for each misbehave or for every action. It is not possible for the dog to act like a robot and follow your words blindly without a single mistake. So try to understand it that living creatures have all the rights to live in the way it wants. All you need to teach the basic things that are necessary to make the environment calm and healthy. Otherwise your puppy may also feel suffocation if you start scolding or commanding on every action and your whole training may get wasted.

Teach in appropriate manner: It is very important to teach your Chihuahua the right words right from the start and stop making it confuse by giving multiple commands. It results in a negative reaction and Chihuahua starts finding its own way of living by ignoring your every single command. So don’t go too far in giving command. Just train the puppy gradually with great care and affection.

Housebreaking is essential factor in the puppy’s training: This is one of the most important factor of the Chihuahua’s training. Every owner must consider this factor and work on it in the initial phase because as the Chihuahua started get used to of it you will not be able to train it in a proper manner. Pay special attention when it sneak under a table ot behind a chair. Guide it to the right location and never ignore this mistake. Always correct it so it will develop a habit to housebreak on the appropriate location.

Make your puppy socialize: Chihuahua get suspicious and reserves if they are not able to recognize or behave with the strangers and other puppies. So it is an important aspect of the training. Many of the Chihuahua tend to show an aggressive behavior against other dogs. It needs to be correct at the very moment otherwise it start getting ferocious and may attack the dog.

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