Train your Chihuahua to stop barking

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There are many owners who are facing problem regarding Chihuahua’s bad habit of barking. Mostly untrained Chihuahua tend to bark in an excessive and inappropriate manner most of the time that is quite problematic for the owners to control the barking habit of the Chihuahua. Various Chihuahua respond differently on different things, for instance, some of the Chihuahua tend to bark after the knock at the door while others bark at various house appliances that include radio, television, broom, vacuum cleaner and even pedestrians walk outside. Moreover, there are some that bark without any apparent reason. To control the barking habit, there are few tips that will be helpful for you and your family to avoid nuisance.

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Barking is too problematic: There are multiple reason that makes the Chihuahua bark. The barking is also a source to communicate from Mastiffs to small Chihuahua. The barking may also because of various reasons such as if your little puppy see the giant dog then it start barking to alert the owner about the presence of an another dog. The need of water and food is also the cause of barking. Moreover, if an intruder try to get in the home then it barks to alert the people who reside in the home.

Some Chihuahua are habitual to bark when a neighbor leaves for work or a mailman drops off package at the door. This habit not only disturb your sleep but also make your neighbor angry so it is the foremost responsibility of the owner to train the Chihuahua and eliminate the intense barking habit for the sake of comfort.

Train your Chihuahua to stop barking: To control the barking habit, it is important to understand the cause of barking. There are some common causes that makes the Chihuahua bark which might be helpful for you to identify the right case of your puppy’ barking.

1. When puppy gets bored: There are few Chihuahua that tend to bark because of boredom. Chihuahua needs attention and it love to do various activities which make it busy. It is more sensitive as compared to the larger breeds and a little negligence make it feel lost. Many owners leave the Chihuahua alone in the home because of their busy schedule that makes the Chihuahua bored because of no physical or mental simulation. It start barking at passing cars. Moreover, if you leave the television running then it is also not an appropriate way to kill the time of the Chihuahua.

2. Fearsome makes the Chihuahua bark: As Chihuahua are sensitive by nature and start barking because of different situations. Most of the time it barks when something makes it frightens such as any stranger at the door, thunderstorm, etc. If you are not well aware that how and when your puppy gets frighten then it is better to examine the posture of the puppy. In the frightening situation, it holds the tail and push its ears in the backward direction.

3. Puppy prefer its own territory: Chihuahua loves to reside in its own territory and don’t like any interference of the stranger but if it finds any disturbance it start barking and tend to show aggression through barking and growling. Chihuahua don’t like the presence of another dog while eating or drinking but when it happens, it started barking to keep the other dog away from its area.

4. Requirement makes the puppy bark: Chihuahua may also bark when it needs something as a baby cry for milk. Chihuahua often barks in a shorter and soften tone for food, water and if it want to go into a bathroom. These barks are comparatively lower in tone as compared to aggressive barking.

5. Be careful if your puppy is anxious: Some puppies are suffering from the separation anxiety that is quite negligible thing in the beginning but later it may become a serious issue for your Chihuahua so never take it for granted. If you feel that your puppy get anxious while you leaving the home then instead of feeling happy take this matter seriously and consult to the expert to cure this problem in the initial phase.

6. Dementia cause excessive barking: It is the problem that occur in the dog when it bark in an excessive manner without any logical reason. There are about half of the dogs which show the sign of dementia in the early age. It is also called as canine cognitive dysfunction which badly effect the mood of the dog, memory, learning as well as cognitive function.

7. Is your dog feeling excited? Chihuahua also tend to bark in an excitement. If it sees its favorite toy, going outside in a car, or having a treat then it start barking. It wants to get the owner attention by barking that it is ready to play.

What is the right way to make our Chihuahua stop barking? Barking is not bad at all. All you need to train the Chihuahua that what is the right time of barking and what is not. There is some time and effort is needed in order to make your puppy well trained. You cannot make your puppy completely confined from barking a t is natural but try to make it appropriate that is only possible by following the techniques as below.

1. Stop rewarding when it barks: If you want to stop the excessive barking of the Chihuahua then avoid rewarding it. Many owners toss a squeaky toy in the puppy’s territory that makes it more aggressive and it start barking even more passionately. Playtime, car rides, treat, attention are the things that encourage the barking behaviors of the Chihuahua.

2. Punish is not an appropriate action for the puppy: Many owners punish the Chihuahua on barking or scold it in a loud voice such as NO or Bad boy/girl that is not the right way because puppy take it positive and start barking even more loudly. Because such tone may excite the Chihuahua and it never feel it as a punishment. So try to avoid such types of actions or punishment that spoil your puppy.

3. Encourage the Chihuahua when it is in the quiet state: If the puppy is quiet in the time when it barks normally then reward it by treat and affection. If the puppy is habitual to bark on your neighbor but another time it does not bark then appreciate this approach so the next time it will be able to remember its appreciable action and tend to please its owner.

4. Teach the Chihuahua the “Speak” command: To teach a speak command is more easy as compared to teach the quiet command. You may ask Chihuahua to speak when the doorbell rang and if the puppy barks, all you need to appreciate it and show affection so next time it will bark automatically when someone ring the bell. After teaching the speak command you would be able to teach the quiet command as well.

5. Teach the Chihuahua the “Quiet” command: After teaching the speak command, try to teach the quiet command by repeated commands. At first, give the puppy a speak command, when it barks appreciate it and place a treat in front of ii. Then ask it to quiet and repeat the commands again and again until it gets used to of it.

6. Exercise is necessary for your puppy: Lack of exercise or physical activity is also the reason of frequent barking. Don’t go for an excessive exercise. It is better to prefer a light and easy exercise that makes your Chihuahua physically fit and healthy. Barking is because of a plenty of energy in the dog that is not eliminated because of lack of physical activity and the Chihuahua find the only way to get rid of the energy by barking.

7. Avoid Shock collars for your Chihuahua: There are various types of shock collars are available in the market that automatically cause a shock when a bark is detected. Many owners prefer such collars to make their dogs quiet but it is not an appropriate way to train the Chihuahua. No matter, collars are automatic or manual, it always cause pain and discomfort and Chihuahua find it quiet unpleasant and feels bounded all the time. Try to teach your puppy by affection and care not by force or pressure.

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